Break The Myth That Sheer Bra Is Not For Plus Size Women’s

Women’s confidence is enhanced when she wears a sexy sheer bra. Every boob is unique and beautiful. There’s a study that 80% of the women don’t know the exact size of their bra’s but tend to wear an ill fit size by feeling little uncomfortable and thinking it has to be like this. Well, I guess the plus size women’s have this mind set. But no, there is a perfect bra out there for you just need to find it.

We find all and different kinds of bras like plunge, push-ups, strapless and etc. But what and sheers? Why to hide it when we should be showing our femininity and be really proud of it. This not something that has to be hidden from the world and kept it in secret. Women wearing something sexier doesn’t give any men the right to do slut-shaming. This is the worst thing that can happen to any woman. To be judged, by expressing her feminine mind just by wearing something sexy. The illegal and legal showing off, what we have been taught by people around. Seriously we are discriminating our own body part.

When it comes to sheer bras women get so conscious that they won’t get anything of their size or the worst part they are too fat to wear anything sexy. But no, my dear ladies, size is just a matter of human perception to segregate and create a myth about beauty. The famous quote “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” you don’t need to worry if you are a plus size or a zero figure, embrace your beauty. Its time test what has been always said by the society sheer is not for plus size women. No, break the myth.

You have all the right to feel confident and sexy in your own skin. Sheer bra’s is one the accessories just to boost and give a little push to your confidence. When you wear it and stand in-front of mirror and embrace your curves that is the time you have accepted your sexiness. Those juicy mangos look even better through a beautiful pair of sheer bra. Choose your colour, style and print. Be it floral, polka dots, lacy or simple plain just pick as many as you like. Wear it for yourself or your partner to add some extra zing to your special occasions. Ladies flaunt what’s your priceless possession. Do not listen to narrow minded peanut size brains who tells you that flaunting your sexiness is crime. Wearing a sheer bra make to those beautiful boobs look even more pretty.

Sexuality, feminism, body-type and etc are the words we have nothing to fear of. In this 21st century where swear to stand equally must learn to accept the desires and wishes of every individual and not just judge by seeing the someone’s cleavage or by her clothes.

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